The book about Wim Boshuis is almost ready!

The book about Wim Boshuis is almost ready!

The long-awaited book about Wim Boshuis is almost ready. But the last stretch has weighed heavily! The book has become thicker than we had previously thought – which is of course an advantage for you as a reader. That meant extra work in sifting through the text for the latest errors and selecting images and writing captions. Moreover, as a production team, we had to work on this during the busiest motorsport months. Daily work often had priority. Now the book is actually in print. In fact, the printer is now working on it. The final delivery will take place from October 7th. A great time to make a few rainy autumn days worth while…

A sneak peek of the veil
In the run-up to the publication, we present here a special fragment from the book Wim Boshuis, Racer without fuss. Today: the day the championship was lost and the Stichts Racing Team became a thing of the past.


The SRT is dead, long live the circuit
For Wim, the grapes were sour, intensely sour. As in 1969, he hadn’t even had a chance to compete honestly for the championship in the final race. While Jelle Hingst was driving to the Formula Vee title on track, Wim was defeated in the pits. His choice of words was grim. The bad luck at the start was bad, but due to the course of the race he had to put in some extra effort. Deen and Van Oorschot did not fall below 1.44 throughout the race, while he himself had clocked a 1.43 in practice: his Alfa felt faster than ever. Instead, an era came to an end: the Stichts Racing Team had fought its last battle. Ger Oosterman drew a line under the team that with two cars was no longer a shadow of the proud white fleet that appeared at the start at the end of the sixties.

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“It was going to take too much time for me. I went into the Opel dealership, I still had the Alfa garage in Loosdrecht, I was a member of the Opel sports committee. I got too busy from a business perspective to do it right. I always said: I want to do it professionally, with more cars, and if that’s no longer possible, I’ll stop. But those were good times. You could do so much more than now. Once I went to Italy with Wim to buy parts I had a 1750 Berlina at the time, and the box behind it was hanging all the way back. It had a ton of parts in it! So we arrived at the border. Wim says: I’m going to stand right there, then see the customs officers didn’t realize that the box had sunk that far. Then we drove off at full throttle, in our mirrors we still saw them pointing: look! Yes, they had been sleeping…” It didn’t just stop for Oosterman and Boshuis, mechanics Arie de Bles and Piet Bonekamp also sought refuge elsewhere. “When the team stopped, it also meant the end for Piet, and not just at the SRT,” says Marianne de Lange, Bonekamp’s girlfriend at the time. “He also left Alfa Loosdrecht and then started a cafe.”



The trilogy is finished!
With Wim Boshuis, Racer without fuss, AUTOSPORT.NL has completed the trilogy about the three Dutch drivers who died in harness in the sixties and seventies. We have thus paid tribute to our lost national generation in three books.

Want to complete the entire trilogy? There are still copies available of the books about Wim Loos and Ab Goedemans. You can purchase them on the special order site for Wim Loos and the ordering site for Ab Goedemans

New plans
In the meantime, we don’t sit still. There are plenty of plans for new books about heroes from Dutch motorsport history. We can’t tell you what’s next. But when the time comes, you’ll be the first to hear about it!

With sporty greetings,

Mattijs Diepraam & Gerrie Hoekstra

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