Colorful stairs at the Nieuw Den Helder library festively inaugurated

The dance group of Rik Niks gave a performance.© Photo RedMouse

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The colorful staircase at the library branch in Nieuw Den Helder had been finished for a while, but was festively put into use again on Friday afternoon’.

The library in Nieuw Den Helder is not easy for everyone to find. That is why KopGroep Libraries, together with the landlord Den Helder Housing Foundation, came up with a plan to make the library stand out. It became an artful staircase.

All 25 steps were turned into the spine of a book by artist Judith van Lierop (from Studio Jude). The book staircase begins with Homer’s Odyssey and ends at the top with Splinter Chabot’s Confetti Rain. Together the book spines form a beautiful rainbow.

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The colorful staircase.© Photo RedMouse


The books have been chosen from a list of sixty titles compiled by the Scholen aan Zee reading group. The titles had to be not only recognizable, but also diverse. ,, During the lockdown we started the reading club with our first book: Oeroeg by writer Hella Haase. This one definitely had to go in”, says teacher Joost Pronk, co-initiator of the Scholen Aan Zee reading club. “We also felt it was important to mention titles by writers from diverse backgrounds, as well as books that are popular with a wider audience.” The staircase therefore contains both children’s books and books for adults, with both classics and recent titles being chosen.

Before the official opening there was a performance by the dance group of Rik Niks.

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