software service iSpoof rolled up, arrests in England and Almere

software service iSpoof rolled up, arrests in England and Almere
software service iSpoof rolled up, arrests in England and Almere
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It is the largest fraud case in British history, write British media. Using iSpoof’s software, scammers were able to hide their own phone number and impersonate an official agency, such as a bank. It is estimated that 200,000 people have been defrauded in this way for tens of millions of euros.

The Guardian writes that criminals in the United Kingdom alone earned at least 58 million euros. The actual amount is likely to be significantly higher, as fraud often goes unreported.


The London police launched an investigation into iSpoof last year, six months after the launch of the website. Investigation services from the US, Ukraine and the Netherlands were involved in the operation, because people in those countries were also defrauded with the software.

The Central Netherlands cybercrime team tracked down two men aged 19 and 22 from Almere because iSpoof servers were running in that city. This allowed the team to tap into the service and listen in on the fraudulent calls. The police expect that more people will be arrested in the Netherlands in connection with the fraud case in the near future.

Scammed for 3.5 million

Of the 10 million calls made via iSpoof, 40 percent were made in the US and 35 percent in the UK. It is also estimated that several thousand calls were made in the Netherlands. According to the head of the London police, mainly ‘vulnerable people’ have fallen victim to the scam.

At its peak, the fraudulent website had 59,000 users. The criminals often paid for the service in bitcoin, because those transactions are difficult to trace.

British victims were scammed for an average of 1,160 euros, writes The Guardian. A few have even been sewn into the suit for 3.5 million euros. The founders of iSpoof earned an estimated 3.7 million euros in twenty months with their software. The mastermind behind the website, 34-year-old Teejai Fletcher, was arrested earlier this month. According to the police, he led a lavish lifestyle.

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