Action stunt with electric barbecue that can go anywhere


Real grill masters paint the best meat on your plate, regardless of the barbecue. But as far as we’re concerned, those clumsy aluminum containers from the supermarket can be thrown into the garbage can for good. And certainly now that Action has an incredibly affordable and wireless electric BBQ in its kitchen arsenal.

Virtually every Mannersreader with a garden now has a large or small Kamado barbecue. But if you have to seek refuge in a park, or if the wallet was just a bit too tight; then you are now also provided with roasted pleasure.

Action stunt now with portable electric BBQ

The wireless and electric barbecue from Action is of course not (an alternative to) a Green Egg. But despite the weight of only three kilograms and cordless operation on four AA batteries, you can really show culinary skills on it. Perfect for cozy summer gatherings in the park or even on camper trips.

(Image: Action)
action, affordable, portable, wireless, electric, barbecue, BBQ
(Image: Action)

In addition, the advantage of an electric barbecue is that you can also use it indoors, because you are not bothered by smoke. Thanks to the multifunctional design and the double layer you can grill on top and roast on the bottom. The affordable BBQ from Action uses a unique, oil-charcoal separation structure, so that no oil droplets come into contact with the charcoal fire. This prevents smoke fumes. Due to the windproof inner tank and the air supply system, which allows the charcoal to burn completely, there is also considerably less smoke.

action, affordable, portable, wireless, electric, barbecue, BBQ
(Image: Action)

You get a grill surface of 28 centimeters in diameter and the baking tray is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy and is therefore suitable for high-temperature grilling. The entire wireless barbecue is also washable in an instant and the double insulation structure of both the outer shell and the stove makes the biggest culinary disasters a safe undertaking.

SUMM Easy-Go now on sale

You already get the SUMM Easy-Go from Action for only 39.95 euros.

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This wireless electric BBQ will become your favorite summer gadget

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