Neom claims to have the longest infinity pool in the world

Neom claims to have the longest infinity pool in the world
Neom claims to have the longest infinity pool in the world

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to reinvest billions of petrodollars in diversifying the economy. The main symbol of that ambition is the planned, futuristic city of Neom. It should, among other things, function as a tourist magnet and compete with the popular city state of Dubai.

It is important to have sufficient attractions and there is no lack of ambition in that area either. For example, Saudi Arabia wants to provide Neom with an ‘infinity pool’ of 457 meters long. The mega swimming pool will be located approximately 67 meters above the sea in the Treyam region. Neom’s project developers claim it will be the longest infinity pool in the world.

In a press statement, the project developers speak of a “harmonious combination of contemporary design and minimal impact on the environment, where guests can enjoy breathtaking views in a unique way.”

An impression of the infinity pool in Neom. Photo: NEOM

Neom: prestige project of Saudi crown prince

If completed, the expansive pool would see Neom dwarf the infinity pool of nearby Dubai. The city state has a 119 meter long swimming pool, which hangs between two skyscrapers. The two skyscrapers opened last February.

The city region of Treyam, located on the south side of the Gulf of Aqaba, is to become one of the districts of Neom. The idea is to turn it into a luxury resort for “adventure and relaxation”, according to the project developers. The region offers various activities such as sailing, diving and other water sports.

The developers also say that guests will be able to enjoy a “comprehensive and technologically superior health and wellness offering”.

Neom is full of ambitious projects, including the ‘horizontal skyscraper’ known as The Line. This structure will have two elongated, parallel constructions, each 500 meters high and with a total length of 170 kilometers.

However, the projects are not cheap. Recent reports suggest that the costs could be so high that it is questionable whether all ambitions can be realized. However, Saudi officials say so far the construction of Neom is on schedule.

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