150,000 Metalektro employees gain 11% in total

150,000 Metalektro employees gain 11% in total
150,000 Metalektro employees gain 11% in total

Previous collective labor agreements were on strike for months. This year the trajectory is very different. Albert Kuiper, director of FNV Metaal: ‘In these times when a lot of people can hardly make ends meet, we want the wage increase to reach the people as quickly as possible. That is why we now wanted to reach an agreement with the employers, so that a substantial wage increase is actually paid on 1 December 2022. With this agreement, everyday life will become more affordable for all 150,000 employees.’ FNV members can vote until October 31.

Monthly salary increase 11%: structural 9% plus incidental 2%

The new collective labor agreement will take effect on December 1, 2022 and will run until May 31, 2024. During the term, employers will pay a monthly pension premium of 60 euros for their employees. This increases the purchasing power of an average income by 2%. This percentage is higher for the lowest wage scales. The 9% pay increase is not granted in one go. As of December 1, wages will increase structurally by 5.5%. The salary for average employees will increase by at least 7.5% from 1 December 2022. After 1 year, another 3.5% will be added structurally on 1 January 2024. This brings the total salary increase to 11%.

Retirement healthily

The generation pact will continue until December 31, 2028. The RVU limit (heavy work scheme) will be increased by the collectively agreed wages. FNV Metaal will start negotiations on a new pension scheme in 2023. The obligation to work overtime will expire on 1 July 2023. The provisions that limit or exempt employees from overtime will remain in force, even in the event of calamities. Businesses can start pilot projects with union agreement to explore opportunities to make working hours/rosters more efficient. The aim is to improve the work-life balance.

Union in the workplace

Access to the workplace at the companies in the Metalektro for trade unions is being improved. The unions are now also allowed to inform employees through the company’s internal communication channels. Employers and employees can make agreements about this per company.

Companies can request an extension

The parties to the collective labor agreement regard the current situation as exceptional. The ambition for the future remains to achieve a minimum retention of purchasing power for employees. As usual, companies that are in bad shape can request a postponement to grant the pay increase. This must be approved by the majority of the members of that company. In the event of a postponement, employees will be paid the wage increase in time.

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