RIVM takes no further steps against podcast duo

RIVM takes no further steps against podcast duo
RIVM takes no further steps against podcast duo

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RIVM is not taking legal action against podcast masks Yves Gijrath and Erik de Vlieger. The duo yesterday retracted their claim that Jaap van Dissel was corrupt and they both apologized. The RIVM says it is satisfied with this “for this time”.

Gijrath and De Vlieger accused the chairman of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) of accepting 750,000 euros in bribes from the Open Netherlands Foundation. They suggested that Van Dissel had been given the money to keep society closed for longer and used a bank statement to substantiate this. It turned out that it had a wrong account number and, moreover, it said ‘prof.’ in the preamble, while banks never mention academic degrees.

In a statement, it also states that the RIVM finds it especially bad that “the makers of the podcast have spread these fabrications about Jaap van Dissel without any research of their own, while they knew that he has been the subject of serious, damaging, false accusations for some time. “. This would still have “major consequences” for his safety and private life.


The allegations were taken up by media and on social media. The story was picked up by channels such as Ongehoord Nederland and parliamentarians Wybren van Haga and Thierry Baudet asked for clarification. The RIVM writes that it would be “to their credit if they too have the decency to distance themselves from these statements”.

In the podcast where Gijrath and De Vlieger apologize, Gijrath Van Dissel says he wants to send a letter. He also said he would appeal to everyone to “don’t use the words bribes or corruption” and to distance themselves from them. “I am very sorry that this happened.”

RIVM does not want to comment further.

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