“It’s quite sad that you didn’t know this”

“It’s quite sad that you didn’t know this”
“It’s quite sad that you didn’t know this”

It happens to actor Guido Spek, presenter Quinty Misiedjan and comedian Thijs van de Meeberg in Monday evening’s broadcast when a fragment of Salman Rushdie, the author who has been threatened since 1988, does not ring a bell.

Candidates of ‘The smartest person’ know Salman Rushdie does not

The candidates have the task of naming five keywords for the fragment shown. In the case of Salman Rushdie, who is being interviewed by Adriaan van Dis, Thijs gets no further than ‘Adriaan van Dis’ and both Guido and Quinty say ‘only’ after a few wrong answers.

Presenter Philip Freriks explains to the candidates what they just looked at. “We saw Salman Rushdie, author of The devil verses, a controversial novel from 1988.” He goes on to explain that a fatwa was issued saying that the author should be given the death penalty. Last August there was another attack on Rushdie.

Martin’s criticism

Maarten van Rossem is not happy with the lack of knowledge about Salman Rushdie and reprimands the candidates. “He lost his eye and he can’t do anything with his left hand. I don’t know how many times he was stabbed by whoever attacked him. It’s quite sad that you didn’t know who it was and what it was about…”

Philip’s stand

Not only Maarten can do something about it, Philip also makes himself heard at the beginning of the episode. He confronts Quinty with a column from her Linda.girls. “You once wrote in a column that you find Maarten van Rossem unbearable when you have a hangover. You are now a few feet away from him.”

Well, what has been printed cannot be undone. This is how Quinty reacts to the position of the presenter:

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Source: The smartest person

January 24, 2023

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