Gerard Sanderink has to pay ex-girlfriend another 2.6 million | Interior

Gerard Sanderink has to pay ex-girlfriend another 2.6 million | Interior
Gerard Sanderink has to pay ex-girlfriend another 2.6 million | Interior

Businessman and millionaire Gerard Sanderink must pay his ex-girlfriend another 2,650,000 euros in penalty payments. This has been decided by the Court of Appeal of The Hague on appeal.

Sanderink, owner of important companies such as Centric and Strukton, has been at odds with his ex-girlfriend Brigitte van Egten for four years now. After he got into a relationship with the controversial cybercharlatan Rian van Rijbroek, he blackened Van Egten in every possible way. He accused her of fraud, theft and activities in the porn industry, among other things.

No proof

He never provided any evidence for any of those allegations. Several judges therefore ruled that he had to stop with his allegations, but he did not. He therefore already forfeited more than 1.9 million in penalty payments.

Anyone who hears the story of businessman Gerard Sanderink almost falls over with surprise (video):

4.6 million

Both Sanderink and Van Egten appealed against the latter verdict. And that is now working out advantageously for Van Egten. The Court of Appeal in The Hague rules that she is indeed entitled to many more penalty payments than previously sentenced: not 1.9 million, but a total of 4,610,000 million euros. Sanderink therefore still has to pay more than 2.6 million. He has also been ordered to pay legal and legal costs, totaling nearly 37,000 euros.

Lost everything

Sanderink has now gotten into serious trouble due to the feud with his ex, and his strange behavior since he has a relationship with Van Rijbroek. The Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled last year that he ‘can no longer make rational decisions’ about Centric. He lost all control of the company there. Next week the same threatens to happen with his construction companies Strukton, Antea and Oranjewoud: then there will be another procedure before the Enterprise Chamber to ban him completely from the company there as well.

Listen to the podcast Under the spell of Rian below, about the influence cybercharlatan Rian van Rijbroek has on businessman and millionaire Gerard Sanderink.

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