Loes Haverkort and Niek Roozen in the clinch for a perfect picture: ‘Fuck off!’

Loes Haverkort and Niek Roozen in the clinch for a perfect picture: ‘Fuck off!’
Loes Haverkort and Niek Roozen in the clinch for a perfect picture: ‘Fuck off!’

Presenter Tijl Beckand has a surprise in store for the candidates of The Perfect Picture: the serene peace in the Drenthe nature reserve is brutally disturbed for this shoot by the roar of tanks. The photographers in training are allowed to participate in a military exercise of the mechanized brigade and that is not piece of cake. The jury expects an image with emotion, in which the themes of strength, dedication and courage clearly emerge.

Niek and Loes are the first to enter the battlefield and only get one chance to capture the military exercise as best as possible. Niek wastes no time and speaks encouragingly to the soldiers: “Throw all your energy into the fight.” He hopes that the men will surrender completely, but quickly becomes distracted by all the violence around him: “I feel like I’m really in a line of fire,” says the actor.

While panting, Niek runs along with the men, putting his fitness to the test. “It’s tough, man. I’m in the middle of the action and I feel like I’m participating.” There is little time and the photographers do everything they can to shoot as many images as possible. But then friction suddenly arises between Loes and Niek when they are both at the same time. wanted to photograph a place: “At one point he also pushed me away,” Loes says with great surprise about Niek.

The actress doesn’t let the cheese eat her bread and solves the problem in a ‘civilized way’: “Fuck off!” she shouts at Niek. And that turns out to work, because the influencer looks for another place to photograph. He skillfully holds a branch with leaves in front of his lens and asks one of the soldiers to look extra angry. You’d think you could hardly go wrong with these staged photos.

However, the photo was given a measly 4.8 by the professional jury. “You took a risk. That is to be commended. It is a beautifully taken photo. But there is no emotion, no action and no teamwork in the photo. Just a bored soldier and a tank,” reads the scathing jury comment. Niek is not at all happy with the grade: “This hurts, I have to be honest. I really have to do my best.”

Fortunately, Niek still gets the chance to take revenge, and – despite his insufficient grade – he has advanced to the next round. The Perfect Picture see you every Wednesday at 8:30 PM on RTL 4.

Unfortunately, the match has come to an end for Frans Duijts. In The Audience Award he looks back on the adventure and the singer gets one last chance to show that he is the best photographer of this season. You can see it in the video below.

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