‘Brad Pitt must delete tens of millions of euros worth of footage from F1 film Apex after strike’ | Show

‘Brad Pitt must delete tens of millions of euros worth of footage from F1 film Apex after strike’ | Show
‘Brad Pitt must delete tens of millions of euros worth of footage from F1 film Apex after strike’ | Show

An expensive joke for Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton, who made the Formula 1 film Apex are recording. Hours of valuable footage recorded this racing season could reportedly be thrown in the trash. Due to the strikes in Hollywood, the sponsorship deals have changed and the images should no longer be used, British media report.

The Oscar winner is currently shooting a film with director Joseph Kosinski, known for, among others Top Gun: Maverick. In it he plays a Formula 1 celebrity who comes out of retirement to train an up-and-coming driver (played by Damson Idris). British top driver Lewis Hamilton is involved in the film as a producer and will star in it, reportedly as himself. Also another big name, producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean) cooperates.

Through Hamilton’s contacts, Pitt and his production team were able to film during the Formula 1 races. It provided valuable images of the actors among the real drivers. For example, hours of recording were made on location during the first half of the F1 season. Pitt was filmed in July, driving a modified Formula 2 car at the Silverstone circuit. Between the pits of Ferrari and Mercedes, the fictional driver Sonny Hayes (Pitt) and his Apex racing team had built their garage.

The garage at the Silverstone Grand Prix of Sonny Hayes, the character played by Brad Pitt in the film Apex. © Formula 1 via Getty Images

In late July, Pitt and his team decided to halt filming to show support for the actors’ strike in Hollywood, even though they were filming in Europe. After 118 days there is an agreement with the union and the actors can return to work, but in the meantime the sponsorship deals have changed. As a result, the previously recorded images can no longer be used. This Formula 1 season also only runs for two weeks. According to TheSun tens of millions of euros worth of footage has been forced to be deleted. A source at the British tabloid speaks of a ‘nightmare’ for Pitt and his team, because reshoots now have to take place.

Epic expectations

Hamilton already announced during the grand prix at Silverstone that he had great expectations for the film, partly because of director Joseph Kosinski. “Joe is an incredible director,” Hamilton said at a press conference. “Just think of what he has done with the fights you are in Top Gun: Maverick saw with the fighter jets, that was pretty epic. It will be great to bring that technology into our racing world.”

The film was expected to hit the big screen at the end of 2024, but that seems unlikely due to the new setback.

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