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When Sjoerd van Ramshorst hummed a song on the beach of Peru eight years ago, he could never have imagined that it would become a song for Gerard Joling. ‘Vakantie’ was the name of the song that the singer performed in 2018 in bars, at parties and fairs. Joling kept singing, Van Ramshorst kept writing and now, five years later, there is another song by the sports presenter: Always Single.

How did that happen again?

“It was actually because of the SBS 6 program I Want Your Song. Last year, songwriters could pitch their song to Dutch artists. They then chose the best song that was released with a video clip. Our song, because I wrote it together with my good friend Bas van Druijten, was not chosen by Gerard Joling, but he wanted to release it now. Very cool that it is the first single from his new album.”

Where goes Always Single about?

“The feeling after a failed date. That you are completely done with it. With men, women, starting relationships, dating. That you then go into the pub and think: just sink in. ‘I remain single’. It’s a real pub song, great fun.”

How does it work in your case, writing such a song?

“For me, that starts with a melody that I have in my head, like this song. Plus the first three sentences. I sat down at the kitchen table with Bas at my home. I sang a bit and we started writing.”

You really shouldn’t compare me to Leo

Sjoerd van Ramshorst

Is an instrument also involved?

“No, and we should also keep that singing indoors, haha. We found a great Gerard Joling imitator for the singing, so you immediately knew what the song would do. Then Gerard sang it.”

Are you going to see Gerard Joling singing your song somewhere in the near future?

“Of course I will be at the presentation of his album, but I always have to work during the weekend. I’m going in May The Toppers. I hope they will sing it there, that would be great.”

You are not the first in sports journalism. Commentator Leo Driessen wrote songs for Guus Meeuwis and Marco Borsato, even the hit Dromen are deception.

“You really shouldn’t compare me to Leo, he has been writing for years and is that good. We now also write together occasionally. Leo is kind of my mentor. I learn a lot from him and I receive criticism.”

“Keep it simple, keep it small and you don’t have to explain everything. And if you have a good sentence, just repeat it.”

You are a presenter of Studio Football. Does a new career beckon?

“No, it has become a hobby and I would like to do more with it. To write for more artists, but it also has to be somewhat combinable. We also just have a son.”

About your work as a presenter. You recently had an audience in your studio. Do you like it?

“Yes, certainly, it creates a different vibe. We make Studio Football for the viewers, so it is only nice if part of that audience is in the studio with us.”

Finally, is it time for Tom Egbers to return to television?

“It’s not nice for anyone that this is taking so long. I don’t feel like the right person to say anything about this right now. I have always enjoyed working with Tom. In addition, I cannot and do not want to judge things that I was not present at or that happened before I worked at NOS.”

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Sjoerd van Ramshorst during the broadcast of Studio Voetbal © Still NOS

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