Stephanie Tency declares war on Jan Roos: ‘I will kill him’

Stephanie Tency declares war on Jan Roos: ‘I will kill him’
Stephanie Tency declares war on Jan Roos: ‘I will kill him’

Stephanie Tency has declared war on Jan Roos because of yesterday’s broadcast of Roddelpraat. “I’ll kill him!”

Stephanie is furious after the broadcast of Gossip Talk. “War with Jan Roos from Roddelpraat in 3, 2, 1…” she writes on Instagram. She then shares the message she sent to Jan, whom she calls a ‘little narcissistic man’. “I have never participated in FHM girl next door. I was on the jury myself, so you must be confused with your elderly face,” Stephanie writes, among other things.

Stephanie is furious with Jan Roos

Stephanie then vents in a video. “Guys, I’m really done with these types of men,” Stephanie says furiously. Then she turns to Jan: “It’s better just not to talk about me anymore. Just don’t do it. Because really if you want war, you can get it.”

‘Who do you think You Are?’

According to Stephanie, Jan is just frustrated. “You know what’s always so disgusting about these kind of men? They have so much frustration and somehow they always want to kill certain women and say things that are just completely untrue,” she continues. “Go do something about yourself. Work out in the gym. You do not look good! Don’t bother women! Fuck off man, who do you think you are?”

‘You’re really going too far’

It really bothers Stephanie what Jan said in the Gossip Talk broadcast. “And then just criticize me for what I did. Friend, I have had such a successful business. I have made eight television programs on my own. And you are sitting behind your desk on a YouTube channel.”

At that point, Stephanie had not yet watched the entire broadcast. After watching the entire broadcast, she is even angrier. “You’re really going too far. You’re really going to get it now. I’m not done with you yet!”

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