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Walid enjoys The Life Trail: ‘Project that I am extremely proud of’

Walid enjoys The Life Trail: ‘Project that I am extremely proud of’
Walid enjoys The Life Trail: ‘Project that I am extremely proud of’

In The Life Trail Together with eight young people, all with personal challenges such as loneliness and depression, the gentlemen will work intensively on themselves in order to overcome their biggest challenges.

The registrations for the program are overwhelming with more than 4400 registrations. The eight young people who expose themselves in the program are Simone (23), Jonell (20), Bob (20), Melvin (23), Desley (19), Nina (21), Basma (27) and Moo (20). Walid thanks the young people for their efforts in a post on Instagram. ‘You are special and will always have a place in my heart!’ he writes in a series of photos taken during their trip.

Nasrdin and Walid are not only part of the group, but also have their own challenges. Together with Erik Wegewijs, known from Special Forces VIPS as an inspiring and motivating guide, they make an adventurous journey through Switzerland with the ultimate goal of reaching the finish line together.

‘In a marriage you say for better or for worse until death do us part! That’s what I say to you too, brother!’ he also puts Nasrdin in the spotlight in the message. ‘We will never forget that we were allowed to do this together!’

The Life Trail look back at Videoland.

The article is in Dutch

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