‘I wore four different dresses’


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José Woldring-Walker (36) runs a PR agency for major artists. She is mother of Finn (11), from a previous relationship, and Gray (2) she had with Brian (39). She married him this spring during a two-day party in Barcelona.

“My work as The Media Nanny in the music industry has brought me to many events, but nothing could compare to our wedding. The guests also did not know what they saw. Brian and I wanted to get married abroad. It became an old textile factory near Barcelona and we gave our event planners carte blanche, except for a number of wishes. It certainly did not have to be a traditional wedding.

Falling in love ten times over again

Ultimately it became a kind of festival, spread over two days, where we celebrated life with all our loved ones. We kicked off with a gigantic colored smoke screen and a food parade with twelve dishes. At the ceremony, gold confetti burst through the air – it was everywhere.

“We kicked off with a gigantic colored smoke screen and a food parade with twelve dishes”

Unfortunately, our fathers could not be there due to private circumstances. I was therefore given away by Finn, which was very special for both of us. Brian, who had come in with Gray, was waiting for me. In his tailor-made suit he looked better than Leonardi DiCaprio The great Gatsby – I fell in love with him again ten times that evening.

Spectacular event

After the ceremony, the party started with DJs and all kinds of attractions, such as a rodeo bull and poffertjes stall. A kind of old-fashioned fair, but chic. And then the big party had to start on day two, right?

They started with a casino and drag queens and an illusionist performed during dinner. As far as Finn was concerned, that was the highlight. Glasses were placed on his nose in which he saw the playing card he had chosen and he shouted in disbelief: ‘But how?’

José wedding portrait

As a final touch, a club was created in the attic of the building. Before that I switched dresses – I wore four in total – because I thought I could dance freely in a corset. It was a short dress with a long back and pink sneakers. Afterwards we were sitting outside enjoying the night with friends, when I suddenly thought: what is so itchy? Ha, my skirt was covered in ants on the inside. I still have to take it to the dry cleaners. Because even though it has now been a few months, we are still enjoying the most spectacular event we have ever been to.”

José wedding portrait

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