This iconic action film launched the striking actor Joaquin Phoenix 23 years ago

This iconic action film launched the striking actor Joaquin Phoenix 23 years ago
This iconic action film launched the striking actor Joaquin Phoenix 23 years ago

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​without a doubt one of the best actors of his generation. He of course proved this with his acting Joker, but Phoenix always delivers a top-notch acting performance. Which film is responsible for the status it has today?

Phoenix delivered top performances in films like TheMaster, You Were Never Really Here, Walk The Line and much more, but his role in Gladiator made him known worldwide.

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Phoenix started his acting career under the self-devised name Leaf Phoenix. He appeared alongside his brother River Phoenix in series such as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and ABC Afterschool Specials. In 1986 Phoenix played in SpaceCamp, his first film. Phoenix’s career became increasingly successful, but he decided to take a break. He felt that there were no more interesting roles coming his way.

His brother River motivated him to take up acting again and now use his real name. On October 31, 1993, River Phoenix died of an overdose. Joaquin and the rest of the family decided to retreat to Costa Rica to cope with the loss and stay out of the spotlight.

In 1995, Joaquin Phoenix returned to film with a role in Gus Van Sants To Die For. In the years that followed, Phoenix worked with top directors such as Oliver Stone and Joel Schumacher, but in 2000 he really broke through with his role as Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

Gladiator Not only was it by far the most successful film Phoenix had starred in, but it also received its first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Commodus is now seen as one of the most iconic movie villains ever, above you can watch another scene that confirms this.

After more than twenty years, Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix are releasing a film together again: Napoleon. Phoenix disappears in this large-scale war film in the role of Napoleon Bonaparte. The film shows his rapid rise from military leader to emperor and focuses heavily on his relationship with his wife Josephine (Vanessa Kirby).

Napoleon can be seen in Dutch cinemas from Thursday 23 November. Advance Gladiator to see? You can watch it on Netflix, Prime Video or SkyShowtime.

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