Jan and Dennis do not dare to confront Stephanie Tency

Jan and Dennis do not dare to confront Stephanie Tency
Jan and Dennis do not dare to confront Stephanie Tency

After Stephanie Tency declared war on Jan Roos, she received an invitation to participate in a broadcast of Gossip talk. But when Stephanie tries to call the gentlemen to make an appointment, they don’t answer. “They’re not afraid of this Donald Duck, are they?” Stephanie writes on Instagram.

Stephanie was furious when she saw the broadcast Gossip talk saw. “Guys, I’m really done with these types of men,” she said in Instagram Stories. She then turned to Jan: “It’s better to just not talk about me anymore. Just don’t do it. Because really if you want war, you can get it.”

Gossip talk

Not much later, Stephanie received a message from Gossip talk on Instagram. “Stephanie, may I invite you to the broadcast? This is Dennis Schouten by the way.” Stephanie immediately accepts the invitation. ,,Fine. Just tell me what time and when.”

‘Your worst nightmare’

Dennis asks if he can call Stephanie, to which she first says that she doesn’t have time because she has a dinner party. She then decides to call Dennis after all. But instead of answering, Dennis sends a message asking who is calling. “Your worst nightmare,” Stephanie replies. She shares the messages with her followers on Instagram. “As long as you call Dennis yourself because he doesn’t call for an appointment. By the way, he pushed me away. They’re not afraid of this Donald Duck, are they?”

Jan and Dennis scared

Stephanie finally got Dennis on the phone. “Just spoke to Dennis,” she writes. “They didn’t dare at first because they were afraid that I would show up at their door with a hundred people. But the deal stands. Tuesday 3:30 PM.”


Stephanie has been warned about this by many followers Gossip talk. “I know, I’m being completely slaughtered there at the table. I’m already becoming one, so you don’t have to warn me. I know the drill and I can handle everything.

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