Nienke Plas about daughter: ‘I almost break’

Nienke Plas about daughter: ‘I almost break’
Nienke Plas about daughter: ‘I almost break’

Nienke Plas’ daughter was born with a heart defect. The little one had surgery last week and earlier this year she also had to undergo emergency surgery.

“I almost break. Every time I have moments like this I think: if I don’t break, then I am strong for the two of us. And that got me through it a bit,” says Nienke RTL Boulevard. At the beginning of this year, Nienke and her boyfriend Resley ended up in a ‘bad movie’, according to Nienke herself. Little Harley’s heart was not yet completely finished and she underwent emergency surgery, after which she was fortunately stable.


It is also a tough period for Harley’s brothers. “Frenky-Dean is old enough to feel what his mom and dad feel.” And he has already googled himself. “He googled what it means when a child goes under anesthesia and of course there are the numbers and the chance that something will go wrong and yes, she won’t wake up. I thought it was so intense for him that he had read that and it kept replaying in his head.”

Small feet, big steps

Last week Harley underwent surgery on her heart and luckily everything went well. Nienke says on her Instagram that everything is going well and she is going back to work.

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