Bibi Breijman not present at Waylon’s special moment

Bibi Breijman not present at Waylon’s special moment
Bibi Breijman not present at Waylon’s special moment

Waylon is regularly accompanied by Bibi on stage, but she will not be there this time. ‘Normally we would have guest artists. But it is also the first year that we no longer organize it ourselves, so it is no longer entirely up to us,” Waylon tells Shownieuws. Bibi won’t even come and watch: ‘She thinks it’s all too stressful’.

Write down thoughts

It has probably not escaped your attention: Waylon cheated on Bibi during her second pregnancy. That news came out through juice channels and the whole of the Netherlands had an opinion about it. Bibi felt quite watched when this intense information about her relationship was suddenly exposed. She wrote down her thoughts, which ultimately resulted in a debut album and a biographical book.


Breijman tries to look at what happened to her with humor. Her book contains many humorous metaphors. ‘I felt my eyes burning wherever I went. At the bakery, in a waiting room at the doctor’s office and in a restaurant, everywhere it felt as if everyone had looked at a zoomed-in photo of your hemorrhoid,” can be read in I am Bibi / Poetry from the Air Castle. ‘Oh, how ashamed I felt, knowing that the best functioning bodies can suffer from hemorrhoids. And yes, if you want to get rid of them, you really have to treat them with the right care. Then you can’t say: gosh, you know what, just take off my whole ass.’

Not covered up

The singer and writer likes to look at what happened with a comic view, she said ‘We have joked a lot about it at home and we will continue to do so. We won’t make it a secret anymore. It feels good not to cover it up.”

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