Tino Martin disappoints again

Tino Martin disappoints again
Tino Martin disappoints again

Last Friday Tino Martin was in Ahoy. Yvonne Coldeweijer previously said that Tino had to move his show to the small hall due to disappointing ticket sales. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the only thing that was disappointing.

Tino Martin has been a regular topic of conversation after he appeared on stage with far too many drinks behind him. He also spoke candidly about this in his docuseries on Videoland. According to juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer, he still hasn’t learned from it. He would have stood on stage in Ahoy again on Friday evening, completely drunk.


One of Yvonne’s spies even called the evening ‘terrible’. Yvonne writes about this in her stories: “She had the feeling that Tino was as fed up as a monkey again. No emotion in his face, eyes at half past ten, just shouting for the audience to sing along. At the same time, she felt little real contact with the audience and it came across as if he didn’t feel like it at all. Bizarre!”

Head in the sand

It turns out that Yvonne’s spies are not the only ones who were deeply annoyed by Tino’s demise. For example, she says that Tino is eagerly deleting all negative comments about his performance on Instagram. And there are even reports that people thought the guest performances were much better than Tino’s entire concert itself, even though that was of course what they bought the ticket for… Trijntje even had to correct Tino during a duet because he could no longer remember his lines. What a disappointment.

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