‘Just to here’ brought the elections back to the essence: will Gerard Joling emigrate?

‘Just to here’ brought the elections back to the essence: will Gerard Joling emigrate?
‘Just to here’ brought the elections back to the essence: will Gerard Joling emigrate?
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It has been calm for weeks in the eye of the hurricane that we imagine during the election campaign. All party leaders are doing their best, but their spin doctors are looking in vain for an all-decisive turn, a ‘game changer’, as the visit of a Turkish minister in 2017 was called for by Mark Rutte’s VVD.

In the studio of Just see you here a large majority of the public chose the option per voting box: ‘No, I haven’t decided yet.’ Then anything can happen if we consider this program as the measure of things. The SBS 6 debate with Wilfred Genee, Pieter Omtzigt with Outside courtthe party leader debate at the Youth newsit leaves the polls untouched.

To the Youth news it didn’t matter. This provided a great spectacle with a quiz and a round of introductions aimed at a young audience, allowing us to look at the party leaders from a different perspective. Geert Wilders likes to play Mario KartDilan Yesilgöz has a 50 kilo dog and Caroline van der Plas loves walking in the countryside in the fresh air.

And then came Until here, that reduced the elections to the question of whether Gerard Joling will emigrate. He had announced that himself Beau in the event that Frans Timmermans comes to power with GroenLinks-PvdA. Jeroen Woe and Niels van der Laan saw a win-win situation for the voter. “Isn’t that what everyone wants? Forget party differences!”

Joling’s cross was headed in with another great song lyric. Chorus: “Because then he buys a ticket to the tropics…”

They then analyzed Geert Wilders’ election manifesto in one go. Is it true that the sharp edges have been removed, as he likes to claim? It turned out that a popular TV program had to be used to scrutinize the PVV program, as Humberto Tan did in 2010 as a presenter of RTL Boulevard.

We will know in a few days whether it will upset the election race. It just might be possible. Because yes, on TV it is witty and endearing Just see you here nowadays absolutely the measure of things.

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