Nicol Kremers postpones publication of her autobiography after confrontation with Peter Gillis | Show

Nicol Kremers postpones publication of her autobiography after confrontation with Peter Gillis | Show
Nicol Kremers postpones publication of her autobiography after confrontation with Peter Gillis | Show

Peter Gillis, protagonist of SBS’ reality soap Mass is Cash, can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. His ex-girlfriend Nicol Kremers postpones the presentation of the book about her life until ‘sometime next year’. According to her management, Nicol is ‘going through a difficult emotional period’, which means that completing the book will take extra time.

The book about Nicol’s life was recently part of a lawsuit that holiday park millionaire Peter Gillis had filed against her. During that case, he demanded, among other things, prior inspection of the book because he fears that it contains matters that could harm him. Gillis has been threatening enormous damages claims against Nicol for some time. This is in turn based on a settlement agreement that both signed just before they separated and in which it was agreed that their private lives would not be discussed in public. Nicol says she had to sign that agreement under duress.

The ruling in the summary proceedings has yet to come, but according to management, postponement of the book has nothing to do with that ruling. “We did not wait for that because it then seems as if we are responding to that statement,” says Nicol’s manager Wouter van Dort. “We have simply seen that since that lawsuit, when she was confronted with him again and was even laughed at, things are not going well for her. Launching the book now would bring new tensions.’

Seize 100,000 euros

Peter Gillis and Nicol Kremers separated in February this year after a five-year relationship. A few months later she reported several cases of abuse by him. She spoke out about this several times in the media, which Gillis sees as a violation of the settlement agreement. He calculated that he will get 2.2 million from her. The judge determined that he may seize just over 100,000 euros. Whether he is really entitled to that money must become clear in subsequent proceedings.

The judge in Utrecht will decide on November 30 whether he will have access to that book. Nicol announced that book about her life earlier this year, which will of course discuss her relationship with Gillis. Nicol himself once revealed a quote that would appear in the book: ‘He took a pencil from my children and held it above my head. “I’ll stick it through your whole head in a moment.” That set alarm bells ringing for Gillis.

Wouter van Dort says that there will be no adjustment from postponement. “We assure that as soon as Nicol is ready, her story will be shared with the world. She will enrich her autobiography with more insights that she will gain during her recovery period,” Van Dort wrote in a statement.

In this video, journalists Jelle Krekels and Chiel Timmermans talk about the revelations they made about Peter Gillis:

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