Frits Spits announced new love in book: ‘A miracle’


Radio celebrity Frits Spits has a new love. The 75-year-old presenter and program maker writes about Lisette, as she is called, in his new book ‘Dancing on the waves’, which will be presented on Monday evening. The book is an ‘ode to Dutch music’ in which Frits talks about national songs and artists that have been important to him in recent years.

“Apparently the sadness about my deceased wife Greetje can coexist with this new love”

“It was an intense year,” says Frits prior to the presentation. “I had a heart attack, which turned out not to be so bad. But good things also happen. I have a new girlfriend. I relate all that to music and lyrics, just like I have always done on the radio.” The radio icon speaks of ‘a miracle that this happened’. “Apparently the sadness about my deceased wife Greetje can coexist with this new love. My sadness has become something internalized, which has created space for this miracle.”

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In the book, Frits recommends many Dutch acts, from De Jeugd van Today to Wende en Maan, from Van Dik Hout to Jan Beuving. Greetje died in 2018 from lung cancer. She and Frits were together for half a century. He previously wrote about the mourning after her death in the book Everything seems as it was. This year Frits is celebrating his fiftieth anniversary as a radio maker.

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The title of his new book, We dance on the waves, is inspired by a song that Van Dik Hout dedicated to the late drummer Oscar Kraal. He also died from cancer.

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