Tim Hofman shares new look, but opinions are divided


Florine Hofstee

The Real Gooische Mother went to the Sinterklaas arrival last weekend with my husband and children. ‘So impressive for those little ones.’

Frank van der Lende

‘If you have long hair, you don’t want it to get wet all the time when you are in the shower and that is why I always have an elastic band with me. Only now I lost it and looked for my way out in my girl’s bathing cap.’

Romee Strijd

It is not only rainy in the Netherlands. The weather in Singapore also leaves much to be desired, the model proves.

Stella Bergsma

‘I really hope that we can find each other again, even if we don’t agree with each other.’

Loiza Lamers

Loiza is enjoying a wonderful weekend.

Douwe Bob

A beautiful photo opportunity of Douwe Bob and his son.

Splinter Chabot

The House of Representatives elections are on Wednesday. Splinter calls on his followers to vote.


It is cold and rainy in the Netherlands, but singer Tabitha has taken a closer look. She enjoys the sun on Curaçao.

Tim Hofman

He can take it, that new one look. What do you think?

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