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Tequila shots on an assembly line, vomiting over the toilet and partying with his friends. Last week, Oscar and the Wolf frontman Max Colombie (32) shared striking images on Instagram, clearly showing him under the influence. After a lot of speculation among worried fans, the singer and his mother provide explanations.

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Feb 2 2024

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Over the past ten days, Max Colombie – a popular guest in the Netherlands at Down The Rabbit Hole and Lowlands – shared four very remarkable Instagram messages. The Belgian singer was visibly under the influence: he eagerly downed the tequila shots and smoked and partied wildly. In one video, he had his head hanging over the toilet and was vomiting. In other images he collapsed several times in the street, showed his cut hair and let his tears flow freely. “I will explain everything tomorrow,” the singer wrote cryptically on Wednesday with a snapshot of his battered face and new, short haircut.

The singer kept that promise. Colombie testified candidly on Thursday evening VTM News about his alcohol and drug addiction and indicated that the images come from that difficult period. “The photos and videos are real. I went through my cell phone to look for images. These date from about two to three years ago,” Max explains. “I have been in a situation where I paralyzed my insecurities by consuming. Because I am someone who is very insecure. My career has moved very quickly, and that has been difficult to deal with. And then I crashed.” The singer also explains what exactly he means by ‘consume’: “That is drink and drugs. Cocaine, Xanax and especially alcohol.”


It was all very worrying for his mother. “That’s not easy, especially when you see those videos. It was very heartbreaking when I found out everything,” she says. “Because, what can you do? You ask yourself a number of questions. ‘Should I have intervened? Could I have done something?’ I just thought I had to help because it was desperately needed. It was very bad, it was really 5 to 12.”

“He took medication in the morning to wake up, then started drinking to feel better,” she continues. “Then he used cocaine to sober up and took loads of medication to sleep. It escalated and multiplied so quickly. It’s really important that you try to get out of that bubble,” she emphasizes.

I think that unrest is necessary to start that conversation

Max Colombie

Colombie says that his mother saved him. “And writing songs also helped. Being very vocal about it and talking about it, that’s important. I believe that if you are struggling with feelings that you do not understand, you can transform them into something tangible. Something you can see, hear or feel. It really works wonders if you use that fact as a language. Because then you can place those feelings better and you can also communicate about them.”

The Oscar and The Wolf frontman says that he deliberately distributed the videos via social media. “I did it to start a conversation. I want to be someone who can stand apart from the taboo. And I want to encourage people to talk about it in their own way. I still stand by my point that it is so important to talk about it. I did that in a shocking way, but I think that unrest is also necessary to start that conversation.”


Colombie’s testimony is a relief for his fans. They have been very worried about the singer in recent days. ‘This is really not okay. Please seek help. We support you during these difficult times,” one fan wrote, for example. Although there was also criticism: “Even if this is a marketing stunt, this is not okay. Stop normalizing problematic alcohol use. This is a bizarre way to promote music.”

Max himself sees this differently. “Is it a stunt? No, the subject is so delicate. I’m so honest and I’m so open and open, so I don’t see it as a stunt. If it was, then they need to find a better actor,” he explains. “I tell my story in my way, to help people tell their story. And if I can help one soul with that, then that is already a victory for me.”

And his mother now also has confidence in Max again. “He did it himself, with professional help, but the will came from himself,” she says. “Max no longer saw the sun shining, the birds no longer singing, it was a terrible period. But he crawled out, very consciously and with help. And of course a beautiful entourage that supported him,” he said. Colombie agrees. “Indeed, not everyone can speak of that happiness, to be surrounded by such a good family and such fantastic friends.”

Colombie also gives an ultimate tip for those who are having a hard time: “Talk about it in any way that feels good to you. Convert it into a language, chat about it, or write it down and seek help,” he says. “I will not be able to break the taboo as a person alone, but I do want to be a good example. I want to show how you can break free from a taboo,” he concludes.

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What was going on with Max Colombie from Oscar and the Wolf? © Instagram / VTM

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