‘Eyeballs’ actor Eva van der Gucht wants understanding for the childless

‘Eyeballs’ actor Eva van der Gucht wants understanding for the childless
‘Eyeballs’ actor Eva van der Gucht wants understanding for the childless

Eva van der Gucht

She and her husband Domenico consciously chose not to have children. But Van der Gucht in particular, as a woman, is often called to account about this. “Especially when we first got married, I heard so often: ‘And when are the children coming?’ Domenico was never asked that question,” says the 46-year-old actress.

“You may find it annoying, but it says something about the world we live in. About the people who apparently think it’s crazy that you consciously choose to be childless. Whether they judge it: it probably won’t work, or: then they probably don’t like children.”

Cultural change

Van der Gucht has noticed a small change in recent years. “I think it will take a while before it is really accepted, just like with any other cultural change. I do notice that it is no longer so obvious that everyone just has children, or has a relationship at all, especially in Amsterdam, where I live.”

By the way, she certainly does not condemn people who want to have many children. “It’s all good: if you want six children, fantastic. If you don’t want one, that’s also great, it’s your body and your life. We have to get out of that mud of old thoughts.”

Living with or without children

“At some point I asked myself the question: what kind of life do I want, and is that a life with or without children? It quickly became clear to me that I didn’t want them myself, even though I really like children. I even go on holiday with friends with children. Fortunately, Domenico thought the same, because otherwise you have to make hard choices at some point.”

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