Dream School viewers denounce ‘hard’ mother: ‘Heart breaks’

Dream School viewers denounce ‘hard’ mother: ‘Heart breaks’
Dream School viewers denounce ‘hard’ mother: ‘Heart breaks’

Jasper has not lived at home since he was sixteen. He says he lives ‘everywhere and nowhere’ and hangs out a lot. He is currently allowed to sleep with his mother for a while, but she wants him to look for something else. “He has two little brothers and they both have their own bedroom. I’m not going to hand over one of their bedrooms to Jasper,” she explains.

“They are still very small and of course they need a big brother. But Jasper has a completely different life and it’s just not convenient if they have to share their room.” It is therefore important for Jasper’s mother that he quickly finds something else. “He can sleep here for a while, but he has to go his own way and shape his own place, I think that’s important.”

His mother explains that Jasper has not exactly been a sweetheart, something he also acknowledges. “He completely did his own past, lied everything together, manipulated things, was busy with drugs and stole my money. He also didn’t go to school, so I could talk everywhere all the time.”

Jasper hopes that thanks to his participation in Dream Schooll gets his life back on track, although the fact that he has no permanent residence does cause the necessary stress. “I would prefer to stay with my mother until Dream School”, he explains to Rector Erik. “I think that’s the best situation as well.” Viewers are amazed at the fact that another mother passes by in Dream School who basically says it doesn’t suit her if her child comes to live with her.

Someone who also appears in the episode is Najib Amhali. He openly tells the students about his addictions and that makes an impression.

Dream School can be seen every Tuesday at 8.25 pm on NPO 3.

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