We will all be wearing these color combinations in 2023

We will all be wearing these color combinations in 2023
We will all be wearing these color combinations in 2023

It seems that the muted and subdued color palette will fade into the background in 2023. Máxima has already been spotted in a bright purple and canary yellow outfit, but other royals also know about the use of color. Feel-good colors are on the rise this year. We guide you through the hippest color combos that will do very well this year.

Lots of color

In winter we seem to opt en masse for neutral colors. Black, white, brown, beige and gray dominate the street scene and fresh colors seem almost non-existent. Still, there is no better remedy for the slumbering January slump than a splash of color in your wardrobe. No idea where to start? We have listed the most beautiful color combinations of 2023 for you.

6 color combinations that we will see a lot in 2023:

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Orange with a neutral tint

Orange orange is a color that not many people quickly incorporate into their wardrobe. It is all too quickly reminiscent of King’s Day or the World Cup. A shame as far as we are concerned! The color is really nice. Okay, we admit: it needs the right styling, but many influencers have already discovered how to do that and we are only too happy to get our inspiration from that. Namely by combining the striking shade with a neutral color such as gray – which is also a huge trend color this year.

A color combination with which you welcome spring with open arms? As far as we are concerned, that is really the combination purple and green. Feel free to experiment with different shades of purple and green to put together the happiest and trendiest outfit.

This combination makes our hearts beat faster. We at JAN are crazy about bright pink items – like this barbiecore suit from Mango. And where pink in combination with orange was almost unthinkable a few years ago, the combination has now become a favorite. The two go very well together and we expect to see this combination a lot – especially in the summer.

It must have become clear to you by now: orange is the color to wear with other colors. One with which you also score high, is the combination orange with green. And now tell yourself, this looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

A very chic combination if you ask us: pink and chocolate brown. In any case, brown is a color that has become extremely popular in recent years. And we may not see it very often, but together with pink it is a beautiful combination. For example, think of a pink dress in combination with a dark brown coat. But a brown leather skirt is also beautiful with a soft pink blouse. The possibilities are endless, both for a formal and informal occasion.

There is a good chance that yellow and gray will cause a furore together this year. Gray is a trend color in itself this year, and in combination with yellow it really revives your outfit. Yellow is associated with energy, sun, summer, fun and happiness for a reason. This color is cheerful and positive. Perfect for spring and summer we think.

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