Slovenian Eurovision guitarist speaks fluent Dutch: ‘It’s a pity that Mia and Dion sang in English’ | show

Slovenian Eurovision guitarist speaks fluent Dutch: ‘It’s a pity that Mia and Dion sang in English’ | show
Slovenian Eurovision guitarist speaks fluent Dutch: ‘It’s a pity that Mia and Dion sang in English’ | show

Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper may be out, that does not mean that the Eurovision Song Contest will have to do without Dutch input. On Thursday evening, half a Dutchman will be in the semi-final: Kris Gustin (23) from the Slovenian band Joker Out. ,,I showed my band the Wallen.”

Kris Gustin’s Dutch roots came in very handy last month when Joker Out made a promotional tour of Eurovision cities. For their Eurovision number Carpe Diem they visited Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Madrid and Amsterdam within a week.

Central Station

In the latter city they could relax for a week with Gustin’s family, who has grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins ​​in the Netherlands on his mother’s side. ,,I come here every year, sometimes several times”, says Gustin, guitarist of the band, in neat Dutch. ,,We were demolished after that week, so the first few days we didn’t even go into town. Unfortunately I couldn’t show the band members the Museumplein and the Rijksmuseum. The Central Station, which I think is the most beautiful building in the city. And I walked with them across the Red Light District. They should have seen that.”

Gustin’s mother comes from Assen, where Gustin still has family living. ,,The rest of the family lives in Amsterdam, Heerhugowaard and Zaandam. I was born in Slovenia, but raised bilingually.”

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At the age of 24, his mother moved to Slovenia for love, where Gustin was born on January 16, 2000. Mother consistently spoke Dutch to her son, who has therefore mastered the language well, except for a slight accent. “I usually speak to her in Slovenian, but her answers are in Dutch. We also sometimes throw in English, it is one melting pot.”

S10’s song

Joker Out consists of five band members and will be released on Thursday evening in the second semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. In the room are Gustin’s parents, who were happy to make the trip. ,,We all watch at home every year, my mother checks every year at what time the Dutch participant arrives, then she is really ready. I met Mia and Dion and talked to them briefly. I thought it was a pity that they didn’t sing in Dutch this year. S10 did that last year, I thought that was a nice song.”

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Kris Gustin on April 15 during the performance of Joker Out during Eurovision in Concert in Afas Live. ©Paul Bergen

In Liverpool, the goal of Joker Out is not complicated: just make it to the final. “I think we have a good chance of achieving that, what happens then? No idea. We would like to tour Europe after the Eurovision song contest. Yes, also in the Netherlands. Groningen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, I don’t care, we’re coming!”

Read all about the Eurovision Song Contest on the Eurovision Song Contest section of this site. Click on the link for a complete overview of all acts, the results of the semi-final of Mia and Dion and what else you can expect at the song festival in Liverpool.

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