Ridderhof work in full swing

Ridderhof work in full swing
Ridderhof work in full swing

The work at the Ridderhof is in full swing. The almost fifty-year-old shopping center is currently undergoing a major metamorphosis. Preparatory work started in October 2022 and the first demolition work started at the beginning of 2023.

The brand new Albert Heijn has been open for a while now. That part of the shopping center has also been extensively renovated on the inside. One of the most striking changes are the redeveloped shopping arcades. With a focus on space and light, the passages have been made higher and lighter, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere.

Living and parking

In addition to the renovation of the retail spaces, attention is also being paid to the addition of new homes to the complex. Another important improvement is the redesign of the parking areas under and around the shopping center. With modern mobility needs and sustainability in mind, these parking facilities will be redesigned, improving both convenience and efficiency.

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