Student Amalia prey for juice channels: ‘We will publish a movie of drunken princess’

Student Amalia prey for juice channels: ‘We will publish a movie of drunken princess’
Student Amalia prey for juice channels: ‘We will publish a movie of drunken princess’

“If a video of a drunk Amalia leaks out, we will publish it immediately.” That’s what Dennis Schouten, of the online gossip program (or juice channel) RoddelPraat, told RTL Nieuws.

Private matter

Princess Amalia (18) had a gap year last year and will now study politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. To commemorate that, a photo opportunity has been scheduled today. But otherwise Amalia’s student days are considered a private matter.

That is why the Government Information Service does not publish much about it. Many large media organizations therefore adhere to the media code.

How does the media code work?

In 2005 Prince Willem-Alexander himself devised the media code to protect the privacy of the Oranges. The code means that the press is no longer allowed to take private photos of the Oranges, and in particular not of the three princesses.

In return, the Oranges organize photo shoots a few times a year during their vacations or in the garden. There, media that have signed up and adhered to the code can film and photograph. The code must ensure that the Royal House is not bothered by pursuing or spying photographers or reporters who want to provoke reactions.

Anyone who does not adhere to the media code will not be admitted to the special photo shoots and will come into conflict with the Government Information Service. If a real conflict arises, the king can go to court. Incidentally, this is not bound by the media code of the Oranges.

But does that also mean that Amalia can enjoy her student days in complete privacy? That chance is small. Because in a time when everyone has a smartphone, a photo or video of a partying princess Amalia can be taken and forwarded in no time. And juice channels are not participating in the media code.

‘She a nice evening, we a nice story’

“Maybe Amalia did not choose her fame, but I think it’s nonsense that she should be treated differently than any famous person,” Dennis Schouten of Gossip talk about it. “If she rolls out of a bar puking and we have a picture, I will not hesitate for a second and share it. Then she had a nice evening and we have a nice story, nothing wrong.”

Yet there are also things that he would not publish. “As far as we are concerned, the limit is if, for example, she would be annoyingly approached by someone on the street, or there is another event that could be experienced as traumatic by her. Then of course we do not publish, as we do not with others. would do.”

More and more interesting

Amalia is now 18, and that makes her life more interesting for the media, says royal family expert Rick Evers. “Yvonne Coldeweijer has already posted photos of Amalia several times that do not fit within the media code.”

But will everything Amalia do now be seen everywhere? “I do expect that Amalia’s direct fellow students will not only respect her, but also protect her. And if her privacy is really being invaded, there is of course always the judge. King Willem-Alexander has already visited Amalia once. went to court because of photos that the Nieuwe Revu published of Amalia on the hockey field. He was then found in the right.”

Complicated discussion

Whether a photo or video infringes privacy or whether it is relevant for the media to publish are ‘legally very complicated discussions’, says lawyer Jens van den Brink of law firm Kennedy van der Laan. “Until now, the Dutch media has been very reluctant to publish stories about Amalia, especially if you compare how royal families are treated in other countries, for example in Great Britain.”

They have no media code there. “But people who might film her and forward those images, of course, have nothing to do with the media code. With that code you can exclude media from press moments, but as a student you don’t care about that.”

Moreover, the media code does not hold up legally, says Van den Brink. “So in each case it will be looked at how the relevance of publication relates to the privacy of Amalia. Judges will take into account that she gets a lot of attention. At the same time, she will have to tolerate more because she is a public figure. judges fairly royally minded in their rulings. Amalia must be able to lead a normal life.”

Amsterdam Student Corps

Very recently, Amalia’s student days were still in the news, after the tumult surrounding the Amsterdam corps. In a leaked video of the Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps and the Amsterdamsche Vrouwen Studenten Vereeniging (ASC/AVSV), as the corps is called in full, some male members say, among other things, that women are ‘sperm buckets’ and ‘nothing and nothing more than whores’. .

Shortly afterwards, the Government Information Service announced that Amalia would not join the corps for the time being.

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