And again it gets stuck at Eindhoven Airport: ‘Chaos and crying people’

And again it gets stuck at Eindhoven Airport: ‘Chaos and crying people’
And again it gets stuck at Eindhoven Airport: ‘Chaos and crying people’

It seems like an endless prayer for travelers who call at Eindhoven Airport. Passengers will once again see their journey stranded in the departure hall at the airport on Sunday. An eyewitness speaks of ‘chaos and people crying’.

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Frits van Otterdijk

Anita and Cor Nuij from Doornenburg were present at the airport more than three hours before their departure. Their flight to Vienna was scheduled to leave at 7:35 PM. “But it got completely stuck. The queue grew and grew. Travelers to Copenhagen and Edinburgh were also affected,” says Anita.

According to her, the handling of the luggage came to a complete standstill due to a technical malfunction and a shortage of staff. A problem that the airport has been struggling with for a long time.

“The Marechaussee had to post to keep the peace.”

According to the Nuij couple, the stagnation of the flow of travelers led to ‘chaos and people crying’. Passengers who crawled under barriers, travelers who crawled ahead of the line. It led to heated scenes. “The Marechaussee was stationed in various places to keep the peace,” Anita describes.

Once she and her husband had cleared the long line, they arrived at a closed gate. The plane was ready outside, but boarding was no longer possible. “We had already checked our suitcase. We received it back surprisingly quickly. We don’t know yet whether we can go to Vienna on Monday. We are now back at home.”

“Terribly amateurish. Hundreds of passengers are duped.”

Her assessment of Eindhoven Airport is harsh. “Terribly amateurish. Hundreds of passengers are duped. The only thing they announce in the departure hall is that the service desk is overcrowded. Would we be so kind as to send our complaint via email. If you can’t handle it, cancel the flight. But don’t let people come to the airport you can’t help.”

An airport spokesman says that many security personnel are sick. “As a result, fewer rows are available than usual.”


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