112 news: A lot of smoke in the event of a fire at the Delfzijl chemical park

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The necessary smoke is released © Pro News

In this live blog we will keep you informed of the latest 112 news in Groningen this Friday. Here you will find an overview of accidents, fires and crimes in our province.

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21.00: Fire in underground paper container in Stad

The Groningen fire brigade had to take action on Saturday evening for a fire in an underground paper container on Emingaheerd in the Beijum district.

The fire service quickly had the fire under control. It is suspected that fireworks caused the fire.

The underground container is on fire © Venema Media

18.25: Fire at chemical park Delfzijl

A fire broke out at the Teijin Aramin company on Saturday evening at the Delfzijl chemical park. It is not known exactly what is on fire. You can see that a lot of smoke is released.

The fire is initially fought by the Falck company fire brigade. ‘They have a first knockdown done and that seems to have been successful’, says a spokesman for the Groningen fire brigade.

A tanker sprayer and a cherry picker from the Delfzijl corps are on site to assist if necessary, but their deployment was not yet necessary.

10.30: Cars collide in Kiel-Windeweer

Two cars collided on Saturday morning in the Dorpsstraat in Kiel-Windeweer. Both vehicles sustained significant damage and are being towed away. The road is temporarily closed at the scene of the accident.

It is not clear if there were any injuries. It is also still unknown how the collision could have happened.

The accident happened on Village Street
The accident happened on Village Street © DG Photography

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