Dutch mother (61) killed in Spain after visiting son who needed help | Abroad

Dutch mother (61) killed in Spain after visiting son who needed help | Abroad
Dutch mother (61) killed in Spain after visiting son who needed help | Abroad

highway arrestA 61-year-old Dutch woman was found dead yesterday in an apartment in the southern Spanish town of Estepona, near Marbella. The victim was killed by violence. Her 26-year-old son has been identified as a suspect. The Spanish police found him walking along a highway after the murder. He was half naked and in a confused state.

The Dutch man had not been doing well for several weeks. According to acquaintances, he became increasingly violent and could get aggressive over the smallest things. A housemate was fed up with the Dutchman’s behavior and moved to a nearby hotel for her own safety. In the meantime, the man’s mother was called to ask if she could calm her son down.

The mother took the report seriously and boarded a plane from the Netherlands last Monday to visit her son. She landed at Malaga airport in the morning and went from there to the Dutchman’s apartment in Estepona. The Dutchman’s housemate was there at the time, but left the mother alone with her son on her initiative. The woman wanted to talk about the conflict with her son in peace.

Blows and stripes

The next day, the housemate was warned by an apartment resident that the front door of her apartment was ajar. When she arrived she saw that the interior of the house had been destroyed. The door to the Dutchman’s bedroom was ajar, but the furniture was positioned so she couldn’t get in. When she looked through the keyhole, she saw a woman lying on the floor with several pieces of clothing around her.

The Spanish police rushed to the scene after a call from the housemate and forced open the bedroom door. The woman on the ground turned out to be the mother of the Dutchman. She had died of physical violence. She had red spots and welts on her neck, among other things. Police believe she was first assaulted and then strangled.

Half naked and confused

After finding the body, agents immediately started a search for the Dutchman. It was found a few hours later along a highway. According to Spanish media, he was half naked and quite confused. The man was handcuffed and taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Police believe he killed his mother and then fled. He is now likely facing years in prison.

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