Amsterdam rapper Bofplace suspected of killing his own mother

Amsterdam rapper Bofplace suspected of killing his own mother
Amsterdam rapper Bofplace suspected of killing his own mother
Dennis K., better known as rapper Bofplace.Image YouTube

The man, who originally comes from Congo, is known to the police and judiciary. In January, according to a police reporter, he shot another member of the infamous gangster rap formation Zone 6 at a party in Suriname. An arrest warrant has been issued against the Dutchman in the Netherlands. It is not clear whether this has to do with the shooting or with another criminal offense.


The Spanish police suspect K. of murdering his mother. The victim, 61-year-old Grace, had flown from the Netherlands to Málaga early this week after being warned that her son was behaving strangely and violently. K. was arrested after he was seen wandering and confused on a motorway towards Málaga.

He was under the influence and resisted arrest, Spanish media report. “He kept saying, I’m going to kill someone. He had to be calmed down with medication, because he kept shaking,’ K. acquaintances write on social media. The man is awaiting psychiatric evaluation.


K.’s mother was found in an apartment in Estepona, where he was staying with a couple. His behavior forced the couple to leave the house. They informed K.’s mother, who then flew to Spain and was taken to the apartment by the two.

According to Spanish media, they left her with her son at her own request. A day later, the neighbors raised the alarm because the front door was open. The couple discovered the mother’s body. She was assaulted and strangled.

Rap scene

K. self-released his music in the Netherlands under the name Boats Music. The account has been taken offline on Instagram. The channel on YouTube still exists and has about 1500 subscribers at the time of writing. Last month K. released his new single on this channel Speechless from. With that song he would say goodbye to the rap scene. “This is my last pokoe I quit rap,” K. wrote in the caption on YouTube.

Why K. recently stayed in Spain is not clear. Nor is it known whether he still has a conflict with gangster rap formation Zone 6. This group, led by the notorious street criminal Joey AK, is based in Holendrecht, a neighborhood in Amsterdam Southeast. With the foreman and hard core of Zone 6 imprisoned for violent hostage-taking, the OM tries to tear down their status on all sides. According to the police and judiciary, Zone 6 has close ties with cocaine dealers.

Joey AK himself has always strongly denied involvement in serious crime. He is still fighting on appeal against his previous conviction for the kidnapping and assault of a woman.

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