Franchisees enthusiastic about the efforts of Franchisee Network Netherlands


More than 30 franchisee associations recently met at the invitation of Franchisee Network Netherlands (FNN). They represented the franchisees in very diverse formulas from automotive to lingerie, catering, retail and (financial) services and healthcare. Those present shared knowledge and experiences. They also indicated that they would like to cooperate in FNN’s follow-up steps, particularly aimed at the preparations for the evaluation of the Franchise Act.

Need for knowledge sharing and lobbying

A survey conducted by FNN among franchisee associations showed a clear need for knowledge sharing and advocacy. Associations want to benefit more from each other’s knowledge and experience. The degree of participation and consultation in particular are important topics. Consultations between franchisees and franchisors have improved thanks to the Franchise Act, but are still implemented in very different ways. Important topics for the associations remain the ‘derived formula’, goodwill, threshold value and the condition system. In addition, it turned out that franchisee associations are hardly involved in drawing up the pre-contractual information document. That document must include all information relevant to a potential franchisee.

Evaluation of Franchise Act

Patricia Hoogstraaten, chairman of the FNN, emphasized that a lot of work needs to be done by the franchisee associations. The evaluation of the Franchise Act will start in 2024/2025. It must then be assessed whether the law is effective, what its effects are in practice and how the law affects innovation and cooperation in the sector. “So there are many questions coming our way and a wealth of information that needs to be processed. We have to work together fully on this.”

FnLab for knowledge sharing

FnLab is set up to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences. All associations that were present at the meetings indicated that they wanted to contribute to FnLab. Connecting FnLab to think along and share information is also possible for associations that were not present at the introduction. “I’d love to,” emphasizes Patricia Hoogstraaten. “It is important that we share as much knowledge as possible and speak as much as possible in the evaluation. We share the same great franchise business model. We have to make that work for us as best as possible.” Interested associations can contact the FNN secretariat, provided by the Vakcentrum, on (0348) 41 97 71 or [email protected].

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