Limburg police seize shipment of ‘Nazi pills’

Limburg police seize shipment of ‘Nazi pills’
Limburg police seize shipment of ‘Nazi pills’

Drugs are seized every day in the Netherlands. In the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Vlissingen, for example. Or by busting a drug lab. But the police also sometimes come across a load of illegal substances during traffic checks, such as last week in Kerkrade.


It happened during an action ‘organized by students and their coaches’, the Kerkrade Police Basic Team wrote on Facebook. On the Museumplein in the Limburg city, officers checked a car that, according to the report, was ‘quite striking’.


The driver initially ignored a stop sign. When he was later pulled over, he was also unable to produce a valid driving and registration certificate.

But this turned out not to be the biggest problem. There was a batch of drugs on the passenger seat. It turned out to involve both soft drugs and hard drugs, namely half a kilo of cannabis, 100 grams of coke and about 1,000 ecstasy pills. The driver was then arrested and tested for narcotics at the station. He appeared to be under the influence.

“The ecstasy pills found were provided with a rather special image,” the police wrote. The photo shows that the pills were printed in the shape of a Nazi eagle, including a swastika. “The drugs were of course seized,” the Limburg police concluded the Facebook post.


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