Ad Bierens stabbed to death after an argument with his new grandfather: 10 years in prison demanded

Ad Bierens stabbed to death after an argument with his new grandfather: 10 years in prison demanded
Ad Bierens stabbed to death after an argument with his new grandfather: 10 years in prison demanded

Ad Bierens (64) was stabbed to death last October during an argument in front of a café in Best. And that didn’t fit that evening at all, because it was so much fun. Albert K. (56) had just become a grandfather and that had to be celebrated extensively, including with Ad, who was well known in the fair world. The atmosphere in the pub changed when Ad heard that his stepson had been stabbed by Albert’s son earlier that evening. A struggle ensued during which Ad was stabbed in the heart, after which he died. Albert K. should therefore spend ten years in prison, if the justice system has its way.

Albert K. also knew in the courtroom in Den Bosch on Monday that it was fun that evening in Ons Café in Best. His son had become a father and he had ‘had as much beer and drinks as he could’. And he had also paid for the entire party, 360 euros. The last thing he knows of the evening is that he received two headbutts from Ad Bierens outside. But he no longer remembers that he stabbed Ad.

K. woke up the next day at home in his chair with a deep cut on his hand and quite a few bumps and scratches on his head and body. In the afternoon the police showed up and Albert has been in custody ever since.

“I’ll kill you!”
It is up to the judges to untangle what exactly happened on that Thursday evening in October. It was already clear that Albert’s 24-year-old son and Ad’s 39-year-old stepson got into an argument in the café earlier that evening. One accused the other of stealing money.

The argument got so out of hand that Albert’s son stabbed Ad’s stepson in the side. In the spring, Albert’s son was sentenced to two years in prison for this. And while the new father had recently asked his brother-in-law to become a godfather.

When Ad Bierens received a call from his wife and heard that his stepson had been stabbed, he became angry. “Stung in the ass,” can be heard on camera footage taken outside the cafe. He then repeats this to Albert and an argument ensues. K. also makes no bones about it and shouts: “I’ll kill you!”

A headbutt and another
Camera footage in the courtroom showed Albert K. then pushing Ad Bierens to the ground. Ad Bierens gets up and headbutts Albert K. and then another. Bierens jumps on K. and delivers five or six big punches to him.

While the men then continue to struggle and beat on their knees on the cycle path, two other men try to break up the brawlers. But, they are so drunk that that doesn’t work. They cannot even stay on their feet and also roll on the street.

Then an intense scream can be heard on the camera images. Ad then gets up and stumbles to the sidewalk in front of cafeteria De Smulhoek, next to Ons Café, and almost immediately collapses and lies motionless on his stomach. The other men also get up and Albert K. immediately gets into a black van and drives home. Ad Bierens dies on the spot. None of the men look at him.

Albert K. no longer remembers it all and not everything is clearly visible in the images. K. received heavy blows from Bierens and therefore he would have been allowed to defend himself. Emergency defense, as his lawyer advocated. K. was allowed to defend himself. And for that reason alone, K. should not be punished, his lawyer thought.

But according to the lawyer, there is mainly doubt as to whether K. actually stabbed. The knife seized from K. contains no DNA traces from Bierens. And so K.’s lawyer wondered whether Bierens had been stabbed by one of the other bystanders. After all, they also lashed out at Bierens.

According to the justice department, the images show K. lashing out at Bierens five times. But he was stabbed 12 times and has 5 other scratches from a knife on his body. And so, according to the lawyer, it cannot be proven that K. Ad stabbed Bierens to death.

This means that the parties are diametrically opposed to each other. The court will rule in this case on December 4.


Two years in prison for stabbing the oliebollen baker’s stepson

The owners of cafeteria De Smulhoek saw a man lying dead on the street.

Joffrey, Ad Bierens’ other son, continued his father’s work.

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