Man threatens visitors with large knife during casino robbery: 2.5 years in prison

Man threatens visitors with large knife during casino robbery: 2.5 years in prison
Man threatens visitors with large knife during casino robbery: 2.5 years in prison

22-year-old Faizal BO from Roosendaal robbed the Players Casino in Oudenbosch in April last year. He threatened visitors with a large knife. In the meantime, an accomplice removed approximately 45,000 euros from safes. They made off with this loot. The court in Breda imposed a prison sentence of 2.5 years on Faizal.

The robbery of the casino at the Varkensmarkt was committed around a quarter to one at night. The public prosecutor demanded two years in prison and eight months probation. Faizal strongly denies that he committed the robbery.

During the hearing, images were shown of the robbery, which lasted just over two minutes. One of the perpetrators had a huge meat cleaver or cleaver with him and he immediately grabbed a woman by the neck. The woman was forced to her knees. A man who was playing a slot machine was also threatened.

Second robber missing
There was a lot of loot in the safe: 48,000 euros in cash, of which 10,000 euros in 2 euro coins, which were in two buckets. This turned out to be much too heavy for the Aldi bags that the men had with them. Nearly 8,000 euros in coins ended up on the street when one of the bags tore. The rest of the coins and other notes were never found. There is also no trace of the second robber.

Faizal claims he was not there and that he was not the one who threatened the customers with the knife. But his DNA was found on a latex glove and on an Aldi bag. At home in his bedroom, exactly the same knife was found as during the robbery. It is also very striking that Faizal texted about the robbery on the day it entered the Bureau Brabant investigation program.

The court is of the opinion that the man continued to deny the crime against his better judgement. It is not without reason that he has been convicted of theft twice before.

According to the court, the robbery was a very frightening and traumatic experience for customers and casino employees. Especially when large knives are used. The suspect apparently did not think about this and only had his own gain in mind, as stated in the ruling.


Robbers threaten people with huge knives and take 48,000 euros

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