Public Prosecution Service demands community service for sexual assault in Goes

Public Prosecution Service demands community service for sexual assault in Goes
Public Prosecution Service demands community service for sexual assault in Goes

The incident is said to have happened on November 9, 2020. The man and the woman knew each other from years ago, when they had a brief relationship. They got in touch again and the woman came to visit the man to view his new home. The man is said to have hugged the woman on the balcony and kissed her on the neck. She would have turned her face away. A little later he tried to kiss her on the mouth and she indicated that she did not want that. After that, the explanations begin to diverge.

The woman says the man also grabbed her breast and even put his hand in her underwear. She left upset and went to a good acquaintance of hers. There she said she was raped. When the acquaintance asked her whether the man had also been in her pants, she denied it. The police were called and samples were taken. DNA was found on the chest and neck. Not in the pants.

The man has denied that he raped the woman since the beginning, but he admits that he should not have kissed her. “I should have asked if I could kiss her,” he says now. He also says he did not touch her breast. According to him, the woman left after kissing.

The woman lives with supervision and one of her supervisors has also been interrogated in this case. He expressed surprise that rape had been reported and further said that the woman was not considered reliable.

The Public Prosecution Service says that rape cannot be proven because there is no evidence to support it other than the victim’s statement. The Public Prosecution Service is prosecuting the man for assault because of the kiss and grabbing the breast. According to the Public Prosecution Service, there is no other explanation possible for the fact that the suspect’s DNA was found there. The officer demands 80 hours of community service and a suspended prison sentence of two weeks.

The lawyer sees this differently. She asks for an acquittal. The DNA could also have come to the victim’s chest in a different way, according to the counsel. She also reminds the court that the woman’s supervisor does not find her reliable and that during the first statement she denied that the man had been in her pants. In addition, there would have been no coercion in the kiss and the case has now been pending for three years.

The court will make its ruling on December 4.

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