Attack with fireworks at officer’s house: police share the images

Attack with fireworks at officer’s house: police share the images
Attack with fireworks at officer’s house: police share the images

The police have shared images in the Bureau Brabant investigation program of two attacks that were committed in September at the house of an officer in Breda. Perpetrators stuck a fireworks bomb against the house. Images of a third fireworks attack at another house in Breda-Noord can also be seen. According to the police, it has led to a lot of unrest in the neighborhood.

The house of the officer and his family in Passendalestraat was twice the target of an attack in September. The first time was on September 5. Cameras captured two men walking around the house around a quarter to eleven in the evening. One of them climbed over the backyard fence. He was handed a stone by the other and threw it at the house. Then there was a loud bang. The man climbed back over the fence and ran away.

Two weeks later, on September 17, it happened again. The police officer and his family were not home at the time. Images show that a man stuck something to the house around ten o’clock in the evening. Another man lit it. Ten seconds later there was an explosion. “The entire neighborhood woke up. It was a fireworks bomb. The glass was meters away in the house,” the police said. It is not clear whether these are the men who also threw a stone through the window.

In addition to two attacks in Passendalestraat, there was also a third attack in Turnhoutstraat on October 24. Someone on a scooter stopped right in front of a house, lit something and threw it in the front yard. After a flash of light, part of the garden was on fire. The residents immediately came outside and started putting out the fire.

Menacing atmosphere in the neighborhood
According to the police, the three attacks have caused a lot of unrest in the neighborhood. “We are also receiving signals that there is more going on,” the police say. Due to a threatening atmosphere, not all residents would want or dare to talk and report the incident.

The police are calling on people who know more to come forward. She has a special team that specializes in conducting confidential conversations, to ensure that people can share in a safe way.


According to local residents, there had been unrest in the area where the attacks took place for some time

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