Knoevelemint 2024 available for everyone to see

Knoevelemint 2024 available for everyone to see
Knoevelemint 2024 available for everyone to see

Maastricht – February 2, 2024 – On Monday, February 5, it’s that time again: the Knoevelemint. The event where the Limburg carnival world comes together and where jubilant associations and Lent champions are honored. From Tuesday February 6 At 11.11 am the broadcast of this private event (only accessible with a wristband) can be viewed in full on this website of the Province of Limburg.

In the run-up to the Vastelaovend, the Province of Limburg organizes the traditional Knoevelemint. As always, the event takes place in the Party Hall of the Gouvernement aan de Maas. Every year, the Knoevelemint is the event dedicated to the Limburg Vastelaovend, where jubilant associations and Lenten champions are honored.


After the arrival of the Blauw Sjuut, a program of performances follows. The winners of the major Vastelaoves championships of 2024, such as the Limburg Championship Zaate Hermeniekes (LKZH), Kinger Vastelaovend Leedjesfestival (KVL), Tiener Vastelaovend Konkoer (TVK), Limburg Vastelaovesleedjes Konkoer (LVK), the Groot Limburg Buutte Championship and the Youth Buutte Championships, will perform. . In addition, they are honored by the provincial government for the special performance they have achieved.

Medal for princesses and princes

The Limburg carnival world is also widely represented. In addition to the boards of the Samenwirkende Limburgse Vastelaovesvereene (SLV) and the Bond Carnival Associations Limburg (BCL), more than 30 carnival associations from all over Limburg are present. Jubilant princesses and princes receive a special medal from the provincial government.


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