Motor City Assen is killing special motorcycle parking spaces

Motor City Assen is killing special motorcycle parking spaces
Motor City Assen is killing special motorcycle parking spaces

Assen does not live up to its name as a motor city. The sixteen special motorcycle parking spaces in the center will be abolished. Reason: there are mainly illegally parked cars and hardly any motorcycles.

The special parking spaces for motorcycles in Brinkstraat were created years ago at the request of local politicians. As a motor city, Assen should offer motorcyclists in the city center a permanent place to safely park their expensive machines, was the call at the time.

Since then, there has been a motorcycle parking lot opposite Hotel de Jonge, near the steel motorcycle artwork. Sixteen iron hooks have been installed in the ground, to which motorcyclists can anchor their valuable means of transport with a chain, to prevent theft.

But after years, the municipality has noticed that there are almost never motorcycles in the parking spaces. However, passenger cars are regularly found, and that is not the intention. According to the municipality, the situation is not clear for parkers, despite no fewer than two signs clearly showing a motorcycle symbol. “The parking sign is often read as a general parking space. They overlook the motorcycle symbol.”

To put an end to this ‘undesirable situation’, the municipal council has decided to remove all motorcycle parking spaces. The area remains taboo as a parking space for cars. Additional traffic signs will be installed on Brinkstraat to make it clear that parking is not allowed.

There are serious plans for a TT Museum in the former Diana discotheque for the same Brinkstraat. If the TT Museum goes there permanently, parking spaces for motorcycles would not be such a bad idea. Whether they will be reinstated remains to be seen.

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