You can get all this information from a license plate | Car

You can get all this information from a license plate | Car
You can get all this information from a license plate | Car

A license plate is a unique combination of letters and numbers used to identify a car (or other vehicle). This way you can get a lot of information from a license plate. In the Netherlands, this code consists of a series of six numbers and letters that together form the hallmark of the car. Unlike some other countries, a license plate in the Netherlands remains linked to the car forever.

Types of license plates

Number plates come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you have the common yellow license plates, the other license plates are less well known. These are all:

Yellow license plate, black letters: for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, three-wheelers and trailers with a maximum permitted mass of more than 750 kilos.

White license plate, black letters: There are two variants of this. The first is used on vehicles for export or transit and is only valid for fourteen days. The second variant is used for trailers up to 750 kilos and bicycle carriers, and always has the same numbers and letters as the car to which it is attached.

Light green license plate, black letters: the ‘dealer plate’ is used, among other things, by car dealers and other authorized sellers for customer test drives.

Light blue license plate, black letters: this is exclusively intended for taxis.

Yellow license plate (small), black letters: also known as ‘US license plates’. These are special vehicles for which the recognizable, more compact license plate – called model 18.2 – is permitted.

Dark blue license plate, white letters: these license plates are intended for historic vehicles with a first registration before January 1, 1978.

How do you extract information from a license plate?

The unique combination that every registered car carries reveals a few things. For example, the order in which the letters and numbers are placed tells you something about the date of issue. If you see a combination like 99-XX-XX, you know that the car was registered between 2000 and 2008. The license plate combination X-999-XX has been used since 2019. Nowadays, passenger car license plates do not use vowels, but only consonants, with the exception of the letters C, Q, W and IJ.

It is expected that a new license plate series will be issued around mid-June this year, with a different order of numbers and letters. The first license plate from the new series will have the combination GBB-01-B. If you want to know approximately what kind of license plate your new car will have, you can check the license plate predictor of the website here.

AA is for the royal family, C for diplomats

You will also find the country of origin on a license plate. On Dutch cars this is stated on the left of the plate, in the blue box under the sign of the European Union. Every license plate has a unique code to prevent counterfeiting. In the event of loss or theft of a license plate, the replacement copy will be given a number in the combination to indicate that it is a duplicate.

The type of vehicle is also included in the information from a license plate. For example, mopeds and scooters are assigned a D or an F, while trailers and semi-trailers are assigned a W and an O, respectively. You see the V and B on light and heavy commercial vehicles; an M indicates a motorcycle. There are also special letters for passenger cars: AA means that it is a car of the royal family and a C is reserved for diplomats.

This is the current Dutch license plate. A new license plate series will be introduced during this year. © RDW

What additional information can I get from a license plate check?

If you are looking for information from license plates and want to find out the hard details of a car or other vehicle, you can do a license plate check. This is possible AutoWeek. Simply enter the license plate number of the car you want to know the information about. You will then immediately see the answer based on public sources.

One of the most sought-after details during a license plate check is the exact year of manufacture of a car. This is important when purchasing a second-hand car. But in addition to the exact age, you can also find information about the specific version or motorization of the car. In addition, during a license plate check you can also find information about the registration of the car: when it was first registered and/or admitted in the Netherlands, but also how many owners it has had. MOT data is also included.


A license plate check AutoWeek gives more specifications of the car in question. This includes the type of engine, gearbox, power, top speed and fuel consumption. Less accessible information such as noise level, tire sizes and even the location of the chassis number can also be found here. This additional information comes straight from the CarBase van AutoWeek.

Very useful for the license plate check AutoWeek is that you can also click through to the type of car you are looking at. This way you can see, for example, what the new value of the car was at the time, whether there have been any recalls and how well it scored in the crash tests. Who wouldn’t want to drive a safe car?

Much more information for 4.95 euros

If you are surprised by the amount of information during a normal license plate check; in the extensive license plate report AutoWeek there are many more things. This covers the history and information about the car in question in detail. For 4.95 euros you get access to a detailed report.

The license plate report of AutoWeek gives you a handy checklist for the car to start with. This shows the most important points of interest at a glance: the RDW status of the car, a check of the odometer reading, the duration of the current MOT and other matters are discussed.

Find out Apk history

Moreover, you can find out the entire MOT history of the car. This means that in addition to the number of inspections the car has undergone, you can also see where it may have been rejected in the past. The prices of replacement parts and the period within which they must be checked are also listed. Monthly costs are also included. If you are interested in a particular copy, the license plate report will give you a clear picture of what you are buying. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises.

Finally, an overview of the car’s owners is important for the image. Here you not only see how many owners a car has had, the type of owners is also illustrated. You will also see how long they have owned the car and what type of sale it was each time. All in all, this provides a very complete picture of the car you are examining.

Can you get more information from a license plate?

You can use your license plate to find out even more information about your car, or about a car you want to buy. This way you can also find out how much you pay for the insurance of your car based on your license plate and some additional information. You can easily request this by entering your license plate number on an insurer’s website or a comparison website.

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