Dutchman wanted for drug smuggling arrested in Turkey

Dutchman wanted for drug smuggling arrested in Turkey
Dutchman wanted for drug smuggling arrested in Turkey
Rawi Q. was arrested in Istanbul

NOS Newstoday, 5:31 PM

A Dutchman has been arrested in Turkey in a major drug investigation. Rawi Q. is suspected of leading an organization that smuggled tons of cocaine to the Netherlands. He is also wanted in the Netherlands.

Q. was arrested in Istanbul during a police operation under the name Kartel-5, Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya reports on X. According to the minister, a total of six tons of drugs were brought to the Netherlands by ship by Q’s organization.

According to Turkish media, he also arranged speedboats for drug smuggling and air transports. In addition, police allegedly established that he organized the storage of the drugs and was involved in financing the operation.

Internationally identified

Rawi Q. is from Almere. He was reported internationally via Interpol. In the past he was convicted in the Netherlands for a money laundering case. He received community service for this. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service confirms that he is a suspect in a drug investigation.

Q.’s lawyer, Gerald Roethof, cannot say anything about the suspicions either. “We don’t have any documents yet. Without a file, I can only say that I cannot place this accusation.”

Minister Yerlikaya stated on X that Turkey is unyielding in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. “No matter the amount of offenses for which they are wanted, we will not let international organized crime groups and drug traffickers breathe. We will lock them up one by one,” the minister said.

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