The Dutch Nassau team wins against GVAV in Suzan & Freeks style: ‘I prefer to see them swing like De Dijk’

The Dutch Nassau team wins against GVAV in Suzan & Freeks style: ‘I prefer to see them swing like De Dijk’
The Dutch Nassau team wins against GVAV in Suzan & Freeks style: ‘I prefer to see them swing like De Dijk’

The Dutch team of Nassau put an end to a small derby complex in the clear 4-1 victory over city rivals GVAV-Rapiditas. But coach Erwin Heerlijn did not see his team swinging as much as De Dijk. It was now more Suzan & Freek.

A derby complex, is such a thing possible? If so, Oranje Nassau seemed to be a bit bothered by it. The proud leader of the first division J played four in the first half of the season (against Velocitas 1897, PKC’83, GRC Groningen and GVAV-Rapiditas) and only won against Velo, while the other three are much less on paper. The question is therefore whether ON has difficulty with those teams because they come from the same municipality or whether something else is going on. ON is a football team and the lesser teams often dig in against ON and they have a hard time with that. Last week we visited VKW and it happened again. The result: a 2-1 defeat.

Guests report boldly

Two weeks ago, Heerlijn roamed the Groningen city center as a music lover during the Eurosonic music showcase festival, but his team is not swinging against the lesser gods from 1J. On Saturday there was another chance to deal with that complex, because city rivals GVAV came to the Coendersborg for the second meeting this season.

Heerlijn indicated in advance that he had come up with a plan to prevent them from having to hit a wall again. Whether that plan worked or whether GVAV could just play nice football… That was the question, but the fact was that the guests sometimes brazenly showed up in ON’s half.

Yet the difference in quality was clearly visible in the effectiveness. GVAV actually created no danger except for a scrimmage. ON struck three times in a row after the first half hour. They always did this taking advantage of the space they were given – the Heerlijn Plan? The opening goal was one from the Eelderse connection at ON.

Captain Ard Veenhof passed high from one side of the sixteen to his old VV Actief buddy Ezra Schrijver, who scored nicely. Peter van Son was the celebrated man in the 2- and 3-0. First he hit the rebound very hard, then Rick Wiersma simply knocked in a measured cross from him. 3-0, match played.

Groningen’s Luis Suarez

After the break, ON initially failed to capitalize on the chances, but in the 68th minute Van Son scored his second of the afternoon from the counter. GVAV scored the goal of honor five minutes before the end, but Heerlijn was still satisfied afterwards. “I’m really disappointed about conceding such a goal, but my captain Ard Veenhof immediately told me that I had to let that go for a while. He’s right about that too. Especially after last week, this is just nice. We let them come a bit and that worked out very well. With those three goals you saw that we were given some space. Peter van Son, I like to call him the Luis Suarez of Groningen, was always very important there.”

However, Heerlijn did not have more than a six for his team’s play. As a music lover, what does he compare it to? “Phew, difficult. Suzan & Freek maybe. Little Friends of Amstel Live. Nice and handsome, but not fantastic. I would prefer to see them swing like De Dijk. If it waves, it waves well. That work.”

Orange Nassau-GVAV Rapiditas 4-1

5. Schrijver 1-0, 39. Van Son 2-0, 43. Wiersma 3-0, 68. Van Son 4-0, 84. Venema 4-1. Yellow card: Nijdam. Spectators: 200. Referee: Agricola Oranje Nassau: Terpstra, Deelen, Leidelmeijer, Anakotta (85. Schutte), De Leeuw (75. Boelens), Veenhof (85. Careman), Smit, Schuur (65. Specken), Wiersma, Schrijver (65. Martina) and Van Son. GVAV Rapiditas: Meijwaard, Van Geffen, Nijdam, Ter Arkel, Van Dorssen, Klooster (68. Sanches), Venema, Paapst, De Jong (79. Van der Meulen), Da Costa (79.Charfi) and Postema.

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