Deadly explosion in Rotterdam may be caused by drug lab, suspect arrested | Domestic


The deadly explosion in a building on Schammenkamp in Rotterdam may have been caused by the presence of a drug lab, the police report. A 34-year-old Rotterdam resident was arrested on Saturday for involvement in the production of narcotics.

The police found various objects at the crash site that may be related to the production of drugs. This led the police to track down the man who was arrested on Saturday.

“His exact role is being investigated,” police said. The police are also investigating whether the objects found could be the cause of the explosion.” The investigation is still in full swing.

The explosion happened on Monday evening under a residential complex and the devastation was enormous. Three people were missing. The emergency services could not immediately look for them because the situation on site was too dangerous.

On Wednesday, the body of the first missing person was found by relatives who entered the closed area. A day later, officers found the body of the second missing person, a 22-year-old man who lived in Spain. The third and final victim was recovered on Friday morning.

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Police find body part in rubble of Rotterdam explosion

  • 02 feb 2024 om 20:36

    Elf huishoudens voorlopig nog dakloos na krachtige explosie in Rotterdam

  • 02 feb 2024 om 16:44

    Alles wijst erop dat ook derde vermiste onder puin Rotterdams pand is gevonden

    Alles wijst erop dat ook derde vermiste onder puin Rotterdams pand is gevonden

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