Extension in dispute over size of football cage: mediation process necessary

Extension in dispute over size of football cage: mediation process necessary
Extension in dispute over size of football cage: mediation process necessary

The battle around the football cage on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat in Oud-West has still not been decided. The city district ordered the size of the cage to be halved after complaints from the neighborhood, but after summary proceedings, the court advises that a mediation process must first be started. The district is following the advice in the search for a solution with broader support.

Since 2014, there has been a heated discussion in the neighborhood about the football cage. After a renovation in which the cage was enlarged, there would be too much noise pollution. A number of residents want the cage to disappear completely from the square, and others want the cage to remain as it is now.

Committee meeting

“The football cage is precisely what makes our neighborhood so nice. We live in a city where you have to learn to live together with many people and deal with each other’s differences, we do that together in this cage,” said three boys in a Ajax shirt during a committee meeting of the West district at the end of July last year.

During the same committee meeting, the district decided on what should be done with the football cage. Ultimately, the advice was given that the cage should be halved and that local residents would be provided with so-called ‘silence boxes’, a ventilation grille that blocks out a lot of noise. It was also decided that one of the jeu de boules courts had to disappear and that the benches would be removed from the facades.

Summary proceedings

After the district’s decision, a group of residents who are in favor of the football cage filed summary proceedings. The group was of the opinion that the municipality was not careful enough with the decision-making process, but the court did not agree. The judge did recommend that a mediation process be started to investigate whether there is a solution with greater support.

Daily manager of the district Ester Fabriek stated in a letter to the district committee that she would follow the court’s advice. “Until then, no adjustments will be made to the park.
I hope to find a solution in this process with broader support from all parties involved,” said Fabriek.

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