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With videoStorm Louis will pass over the Netherlands on Thursday evening. The KNMI has issued code yellow due to heavy gusts of wind. The warning, which comes into effect from 5 p.m., applies to the entire country. The strongest winds are expected on the coast.

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Feb 22 2024

Latest update:

From late afternoon, the west will experience strong winds, heavy showers and heavy gusts of wind. By mid-evening, the Netherlands must take into account heavy wind gusts of more than 80 kilometers per hour. There is a chance of storms on the coast and in the coastal provinces and around the IJsselmeer there can be wind gusts of 100 to 110 kilometers per hour. Inland, during heavy showers there is a chance of wind gusts of 90 to 100 kilometers per hour. The wind will decrease in strength later in the evening and next night, Weeronline reports.

Thursday afternoon the weather will be stormy with a fairly strong wind from the south to southwest. It is mild with 10 to 14 degrees and there are periods of rain. This means it is wet, but there is no severe weather yet. During the evening rush hour, the wind in the west becomes strong to strong and heavy gusts of wind of 75 kilometers per hour can occur. It will rain harder in the west in the late afternoon and early evening. That’s the start of a very stormy evening.

The heaviest showers will move away from the northeast in the middle of the evening, but after that it will take some time before the wind decreases. In the south, the chance of storms and (very) heavy wind gusts will decrease later in the evening and in the first half of the night the wind gusts will decrease sharply in many other places. In Groningen it can take until mid-night before the heavy gusts of wind disappear.

Code yellow applies until midnight on Thursday, in the northern provinces the warning remains in force until 4 a.m. Friday morning.

From late afternoon, the west will experience strong winds, heavy showers and heavy gusts of wind. © Getty Images

KLM cancels 64 flights

KLM will cancel 64 European flights to and from Schiphol on Thursday due to the expected strong gusts of wind, the airline reports. “We realize that this is very annoying for the customers involved. They will be informed and rebooked as quickly as possible,” a KLM spokeswoman said. According to her, it is not yet known whether flights to and from Schiphol will also be canceled on Friday.

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According to Weeronline, the storm was named Louis because the French and Belgian weather services gave it that name. The storm blows from the southwest and hits those countries before the Netherlands. If there is a storm and code orange in our country on Thursday evening, the name will remain Louis, according to a spokesperson.

If the storm had come from the west, the name Kathleen would have been mentioned. This is on the list of names that the KNMI has drawn up together with the British and Irish weather services.

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