Future of Velocity Parkstad unclear – De Limburger

Future of Velocity Parkstad unclear – De Limburger
Future of Velocity Parkstad unclear – De Limburger

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The curtain seems to have fallen for the German Velocity Mobility, rental company of electric bicycles. The company itself has applied for a suspension of payments and the fifteen employees have already been dismissed. The consequences for the Dutch branch, Velocity Parkstad, are not yet clear. The possibilities of a restart are being investigated together with the well-functioning Aachen branch.

Velocity Mobilty arises from an initiative of the Technical Hopgeschool of Aachen. Students set up a loan system for electric bicycles that grew into a successful company with several hundred pick-up points in Düsseldorf, Siegerland, Ravensburg and the Aachen region, among others. In 2018, Kerkrade joined in with a first boarding point, followed by Vaals. The interest turned out to be so great that Velocity Parkstad was founded in 2022, subsidized by the municipalities and the Province of Limburg. In addition to the 110 platforms in Germany, there are now twenty boarding and loading points in Limburg. Users can reserve a bicycle with an app for one and a half euros per half hour.

Despite its success, Velocity Mobility encountered financial difficulties during the corona crisis. Vandalism and theft pushed the company over the edge at the beginning of this month. According to curator André Seckler, the debt has risen too high and rescue seems impossible.

Rob Beentjes of Parkstad Limburg says he hopes for a solution in De Limburger, also because the use of electric shared bicycles is still growing and because an expansion of the number of stations is planned. Use also continues to grow in Aachen. “Velocity Parkstad is an important part of the mobility transition,” said the spokesperson. ‘This allows us to get people from their cars to their e-bikes. And it is an extension of public transport. If you miss the last bus or train, take your bike home.’

Discussions are currently taking place between Parkstad Velocity and Aachen Velocity. The parent company’s website is still online.

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